The Nutritional Card

Nutritional Card compulsory with Regulation (UU) No 1169/11

Regulation (UU)No 1169/11 has introduced even for those engaged in the practice of collective catering, the duty to inform consumers on the allergens contained in the meal. Not only public practitioners, but whoever sells or administers foodstuffs is obliged to provide such information.

This regulation is imposed on hospital, school, and company canteens and on catering businesses. In these cases, the table must be transmitted to the customer in the trade documents. Thereafter thenutritional information must be recorded in writing and notified through various media, the classic menu or via tablet, in order for them to be available to the end-users and verifiable by the authorities tasked with monitoring functions.

Meal Manager offers you the chance to produce the nutritional card setting out the content of any ordered meal, indicating on the tray the qualitative and quantitative description of the booked meal in terms of kilocaloriesmacronutrients and any allergens that might be found in the meal.

The nutritional card of Meal Manager provides all the information demanded by Regulation (EU) No. 1169/11. A function of vital importance, since generic lists of the 14 categories of substances envisaged by European legislation should be deemed thoroughly inadmissible.

The nutritional card is a tool for the operator to pay attention to the nutrition of his own customers and exercise self-control over his own meals. A tool to be equipped with at once in order to avoid facing possible sanctions. Failure to provide the card, of undoubted health value, may be penalized in terms of Legislative Decree No. 193/07.