Meal Manager School

The management software designed for school catering

It manages the school meal through a single tool, enabling you to order the meal for the students attending class and send the information in real time to the Meal Production Centre. Moreover, thanks to the chance of individual and customized meal booking, the system ensures to families compliance with students’ dietary needs.

The phases of the process



The school staff tasked with bookings enters the students present along with the indication of any diseases and/or intolerances. The booking takes place via the WEB by using a PC, tablet or smartphone.


Cooking Centre

The system gathers the data sent by the school and produces the reports/printouts to be taken to the kitchen/cooking centre. The booking and the associated production of the meal will automatically create an automatic outgoing movement of the student’s meal credit.



The process ends with the provision of meals to the students and of the nutritional card, which sets out all the choices of meals made along with important scientific information on the bromatological content of that single meal.

Main Functions

Menu Management

The management of menus will prove as simple as possible thanks to the creation of the requested diets pursuant to needs arising from special diseases or to ethical/religious requirements.

  No waste

Automatic verification of the number of meals needed based on actual presences.


It is managed on the basis of the presences/absences of students, with whom a type of menu previously planned by the nutritionist will be associated (or SIAN: Food and Nutrition Hygiene Service). The student with special conditions (e.g. coeliac disease) will always be associated with a menu suited to his disease. Moreover, it is always possible in respect of special or temporary physiological states to get alternatives to the scheduled standard menu.

 Print our Reports

The software produces the reports necessary to carry out checks on the progress of the whole process, from booking the meal to its distribution (summary for the production to be sent to the kitchen, summary of the storeroom situation, summary of the number of meals produced, , summary of the number of meals made in the month in order to submit an invoice to the municipality, labels to be affixed onto the tray).

 WEB access for parents

For the parents of students, through a Login and a Password, it will be possible to access a customer area to learn about the menu of the day, the payment status, the meals consumed, the outstanding credit, and other matters.


Multilingual management of the system. More specifically, it is possible to set different languages for the booking part and for the report printing part.

 Method of payment

It will be possible to pay amounts due by postal payment slip, by interfacing with the bank or through the Paypal safe payment system.

 Management of Payments

Automatic generation of account statements with monitoring of payments and management of demands, with notice of the accounting situation through automatic dispatch of SMS or e-mail to the parent.

Nutritional Card

The software, when interfaced with the dietary form WinFood®, offers the chance of producing the Nutritional Card that sets out the content of any ordered meal, indicating on the tray the qualitative and quantitative description of the booked meal in terms of Kilo calories and macronutrients. It is always possible to customize the layout of the Card.

Management of Allergens

Thanks to the integration with the food Intolerances and Allergies form it is possible to print out theallergens label as per the latest Regulation (EU) No. 1169/201.


Possibility of creating transport documents in the event of conveyed meals.

Technical Assistance

Ongoing telephone assistance ensured by specialised staff through remote or onsite intervention (optional).