Meal Manager Hospitals

The indispensable software in the complex procedure of booking and producing meals in hospital canteens, in healthcare facilities (RSA: healthcare homes) and in clinics.

The phases of the process


Collection of Bookings

The booking of meals is managed via the WEB by using a PC, a Tablet or a smartphone. It is possible to introduced amendments in order to correct any inaccuracies or manage some critical issues such as: earlier discharges, urgent admission or change of serving in a booked menu.


Cooking Centre

Once data from the bookings have been acquired, the system produces the reports necessary to provide the orders to the kitchen. More specifically, print-outs setting out all the information necessary to the production of meals are created.


Provision of Meals

The process ends with the provision of meals to the inpatients and the simultaneous delivery of the nutritional card, which sets out all the choices of meals made along with important scientific information on the bromatological content of that single meal.

Main Functions

Synchronization with admission software

Synchronization with the admission software for the sake of real time updating of the number and names of inpatients/users.

Foods and Recipes Database

The software contains a database consisting of approximately 1800 foods along with their main bromatological values (INRAN) and around 150 recipes. Moreover, the free inclusion of foods and recipes is allowed.

Gestione Menù

Possibility of creating special menus and diets in a simple and intuitive manner, constantly updating them pursuant to the program set by the nutritionist.


The booking of meals is managed via the WEB by using PC’s and Tablets, the operator tasked with the collection of bookings will record the choices of the single inpatient directly on the selected support.

Management of Unforeseen Events

Management of unforeseen meals due to early discharges or urgent admissions. It is possible to directly enter the last minute requests or defections by automatically updating the kitchen and warehouse report and by printing out the tray cards.

Print out Report

The software provides to the kitchen all the necessary data for the preparation of meals. Once the bookings have ended, operators will have at their disposal a series of easy to read Reports (printouts) summarizing the requirements for the production of the selected menus. Upon request, the reports may be fully personalized depending on the needs of the facility.

Nutritional Card

The software, when interfaced with the dietary form WinFood®, offers the chance of producing the Nutritional Card that sets out the content of any ordered meal, indicating on the tray the qualitative and quantitative description of the booked meal in terms of Kilo calories and macronutrients. It is always possible to customize the layout of the Card.

Management of Allergens

Thanks to the integration with the food Intolerances and Allergies form it is possible to print out theallergens label as per the latest Regulation (EU) No. 1169/201.

Data Export

Exporting to file any type archived in the system, so that the information included therein may be read and elaborated by the accounting manager.


The software is able to manage more than one language. More specifically, it is also possible to manage two different languages for the interface and the printout.

Elaboration of statistics

The software elaborates a series of statistics in order to assess the cost of producing the meals. Thanks to these data it is possible to conduct a better analysis of the business budget.

Synchronization with the warehouse

Meal Manager coordinates with the warehouse inventory to be able to reorganize the raw materials under guard.


Possibility of creating transport documents in the event of conveyed meals.

Technical Assistance

Ongoing telephone assistance ensured by specialised staff through remote or onsite intervention (optional).