Individual booking of the meal

Meal Manager makes the function of self-booking available to all the users (e.g. employees, operators, etc.) whereby they can book autonomously and choose their own meal via any device connected to the net: PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

After logging in with one’s username and password, the following interface will open up:

Interfaccia di auto-prenotazione

It is possible to choose between the various menus of the day as scheduled. For each menu the summary of servings (first dishes, second dishes, side dishes, fruit, bread, drinks and dessert) is visible.

Any serving may be changed by clicking on the appropriate drop down menu; this enables the employee to make a full booking, considerably speeding up the waiting times at the canteen.

Once you have made your choices you may proceed with the booking through the green button “Book”. It is always possible to cancel the booking with the red button “Cancel”.

Nutritional Report

If you click the blue button “Info” the system will provide a nutritional report on one’s meal, indicating the basis weight of the servings, il caloric content and percentage of the main macronutrients: Lipids, Carbohydrates e Proteins.

schermata info auto-prenotazione

Booking Code

Simultaneously with the booking it is possible to generate a pdf, if need be printable, which allows the employee to confirm his booking at the canteen.

The pdf sets out the list of servings ordered, the date and the booking code. The code is also expressed in basis weight-code format which the employee may produce to the canteen attendant. The attendant will be equipped with a smartphone to scan the code and check the due concordance and correctness of the booking.