The software for collective catering

Meal Manager is the complete software for managing means in hospital, school and company canteens and in all the collective catering environments.
In particular:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Old Age Homes
  • School and Company Canteens
  • Catering Companies

We manage the meal booking process in your structure, in 3 simple steps:

  1. Collect the bookings directly via the WEB

  2. Send the data to the system

  3. The software will provide you with all the necessary reports for the implementation and distribution of the food

Meal Manager - Il processo di prenotazione dei pasti

Cloud or Intranet solution:


Meal Manager is always with you

You will not have to install anything! Gain direct access to your data wherever you via a browser from your pc, tablet or smartphone.


Data Security

External aaccess to our servers is monitored at various levels: firewall, VPN, cryptography and protection systems against intrusions.


Data backup:

You will never lose your data that will always be accessible and intact thanks to a complete daily copy.


App offline

The booking is ensured also offline by our app. The data will be synchronized with the server through a known access point

Choose Meal Manager because:

  • It optimizes the times and human resources of those who manage the production of meals

  • It manages all the food requirements laid down by our nutritionists

  • It enables the creation of recipes and menus in a simple and quick manner

  • It enables you to plan the menus throughout the year

  • It simplifies the booking collection phase, through PC and Web (tablet, smartphone) with a possible choice between all the menus envisaged for that period

  • It prints reports that are useful in the production of meals, arranged by type and number of servings, in the collection from the pantry and much more still

  • It elaborates statistics for administration purposes

  • It interfaces with WinFood® - Customized Dietary Prescription Software, allowing the creation of detailed menus for both single and multiple meals and special diets for pathologies with specific physiological states. Moreover, thanks again to the integration with the software WinFood® it is possible to produce the “Nutritional Tray Card", which sets out all the meal choices made with important scientific information, such as the bromatological content of that single meal.

  • Thanks to the integration with the Food Intolerances and Allergies Form, it is possible to print out the allergens label as per the latest EU regulation no. 1169/201.